Petrochemical Industry

SEIM Flow Meters for the Petrochemical Industry

The Petroleum industry's need for high accuracy makes for heavy use of flow measurement equipment for accuracy in the transport, sales and shipment of oil and oil based products including Diesel fuel, Fuel Oil, Boiler Oils, and Lubricant oils.

Today, with the rapid increase in the cost for manufacturing, transporting and distributing of petroleum based lubricants and fuels requires the goal for flow meters is not only accuracy but also in what that accuracy represents, namely fuel and cost savings for the product manufacturer.

Positive Displacement Flow Meters such as the SEIM MPV Series are an ideal cost-effective solution for the accurate measurement of fuels, oils and petrochemicals from Oil Terminals, onboard ships or even in distribution facilities for Burner Oils, Diesel Fuels and other lubricants or high viscosity petroleum based liquids.

The MPV series of three interlocking screws allows for both accurate bi-directional flow readings and unparalleled accuracy for such an affordable flow meter system for viscous fluids.

The MPV's excellent linearity in all ranges of flow allows for greater accuracy while its ability to handle even the toughest of viscosities opens this flow meter to a much broader range of flow measurement opportunities than many other types of flow meters such as turbine, lobe, gear and 2-screw flow meters.

The MPV series allows for low pressure drops even with high viscosities, a high static pressure, and for installation a horizontal or vertical installation allowing this flow meter to be installed in existing piping systems with a minimal amount of engineering.

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