SEIM MPV025 Positive Displacement Screw Flowmeter
SEIM MPV025 Positive Displacement Screw Flowmeter

MPV025 Positive Displacement Screw Flowmeter

The MPV025 Positive Displacement Screw Flow Meter by SEIM utilizes three screws for added accuracy in measurement over other flow meter designs like turbine, lobe, gear and 2-screw flow meters. The specialized shape of the precision ground screws ensures that their rotation corresponds to exact volume measurements which is in turn measured and quantatively determined by the highly accurate attached sensor.

The screws move when the liquid fluid medium it is measuring flows through it in either direction by a pump or motor, beginning rotation and measurement. When the meter is in full operation it produces a signal square wave which may be acquired directly by the PLC or processed by dedicated SEIM Display electronics.

The MPV025 is constructed in durable cast iron or steel body with steel internal parts and is SEIM's low-range flow measurement solution. Higher flow ranges can also be achieved but at lower accuracy.

The MPV 025 model positive displacement screw flow meter system by SEIM is your solution for a heavy duty flow meter at a very economical price!

MPV Positive Displacement Screw Flowmeter comparison chartMPV 025 Positive Displacement Screw Flowmeter psi to gpm chart


  • Wide ranges of flow rates
  • High static pressure
  • excellent linearity in all flow rates
  • high precision under all operating conditions
  • low pressure drop, even with high viscosities
  • insensitivity to variations in pressure and temperature
  • Operability even at the highest viscosities
  • Robust, simple electronics
  • Bi-directional flow measurement
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Doesn't require straight runs of pipe before or after meter like other flow meters
  • Very low noise, even at full operability
  • Affordable and durable


  • Oil dynamics and Hydraulic Systems
  • Power Generation including fuel transfer
  • Dosing systems
  • Test benches
  • Marine Fuel systems
  • Heavy and Medium Fuel Oils
  • Light Fuel Oils
  • Lube Oils

MPV025 Details

Flow Rate
0.25 - 12 GPM Standard / 16.5 GPM Extended @ >0.5%
Operating Pressure
Up to 5,800 PSI
Standard operating Temperature
23°F to 230°F
1- 23,500 SSU
Types of Fluid
Lubricant oils, chemically neutral mixes, hydraulic fluids, fuel oils, viscous fluids
>0.2% Standard / >0.5% Extended