Seim Srew Pumps

Industrial Screw Flow Meters

Welcome to, the North American web-portal for the SEIM MPV Series of positive displacement screw flow meters for high viscosity applications.

SEIM represents some of the most affordable flow measurement technology currently available in Europe today and is now available in the North America from Shanley Pump & Equipment, Inc.

The MPV flow meter is a three-screw design that is an ideal solution for heavy industrial applications for high-viscosity liquids and comes in flow ranges from 0.75 to 155 GPM with >0.2% accuracy and with the ability to extend its range up to 230 GPM at >0.5% accuracy with viscosities up to 23,500 SSU at pressures up to 5,800 PSI and nominal operational temperatures from to 23°F to 230°F.

The characteristics of the SEIM MPV Positive Displacement Flow Meter include:

  • Wide range of flow rates
  • High static pressure
  • Excellent linearity in all ranges of rates of flow
  • High precision under all operating conditions
  • Low pressure drop, even with high viscosities
  • Insensibility to variations in pressure and temperature
  • Operative even at the highest viscosities
  • Robust, simple electronics
  • Two-directional flow measurement
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • It does not require a straight pipe segment or other particular configuration either upstream or downstream
  • Very low noise, even at the highest rotation speeds
  • Robust construction, with highly compatible materials and seals